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Wholesale Women's Clothing

Kaktüs Moda , which is the right address for honest and reliable sales in the wholesale women's clothing sector, where it was founded in 2006 ; It has come to the present day by working with the best people in the field.

Our brand, which provides services in the field of wholesale women's clothing and wholesale clothing, has managed to develop itself continuously by keeping the pulse of fashion and the industry since the first day it was founded. We carry out the Design, Model Shop , Planning, Cutting, Sewing, Quality Control, E-Commerce, Store and Online sales processes in accordance with professional company ethics with our expert employees . Our company, with its uninterrupted production team, sells to thousands of domestic and foreign customers and retail clothing stores through its online website, in addition to the wholesale stores located at the addresses of Merter and Güngören in the wholesale clothing sector in Istanbul. You can find many wholesale women's clothing models , including wholesale top clothing models that are designed brand new every season, at Kaktüs Moda.

Wholesale Women's Clothing Models

Kaktus Moda is one of the most established and well-known companies in the wholesale clothing and textile industry. Directing the dynamics of the sector that constantly renews itself, Kaktüs Moda makes sales with its 3000 square meter e-commerce warehouse, taking into account all the needs of the sector and market places. Almost all of the products in our warehouse are our own production. Most beautiful You can find wholesale dress , wholesale t-shirt models in the collections on our site. In addition, our company, which produces a new business model, has brought a new breath to the sector thanks to the API network it has provided to its customers. You can add the best quality and cheap wholesale clothing models to your store thanks to Kaktüs Moda. You can find the most stylish and elegant wholesale textile products at Kaktüs Moda.

Kaktüs Moda  Wholesale Tops

You can find wholesale tops, one of the most important parts of wholesale women's clothing, from the relevant category of our website. One of the leading women's products that never go out of fashion, Among our many categories such as wholesale crop top and wholesale leggins, You can easily choose the most suitable products for you and your customers. Enjoy shopping for wholesale clothes at affordable prices at Kaktüs Moda, an easy and affordable online wholesale shopping center!

Kaktüs Moda Wholesale Bottoms

The complementary parts of wholesale women's clothing are definitely wholesale bottom clothing products. You can browse our products, prepared by our company's expert design team, from the relevant category; You can add the products you like to your cart. Do not forget to look at the wholesale blouse models that help you enjoy the freshness of the summer , the wholesale skirt models of every era !

Stock status

Kaktüs Moda, the experience it has gained over the years in the wholesale shopping sector; He spends a lot of effort to reflect on the field. Our team, which researches the problems of retail stores and their solutions, has given us very important results over the years. Thanks to our dynamic team, we have succeeded in solving the stock shortage, which is one of the most important issues in wholesale sales. Our customer, who prefers Kaktüs Moda, certainly does not have a shortage of stock. The most up-to-date fashion products and our unlimited stocks keep us on top at all times. You can get ahead of your competitors by choosing our company. For example , you can start by examining the wholesale new products of our website .

Laleli Wholesale Women's Clothing

Kaktus Moda has proven itself in the fashion world since 2006 by providing reliable and quality service in the wholesale women's clothing sector in Laleli.Laleli has accomplished successful works in wholesale clothing areas.

Merter Wholesale Textile

Kaktüs Moda has also achieved great success in the wholesale Merter . Merterkeeps the pulse of the sector by providing services above expectations in wholesale clothing areas.

Mahmutbey Wholesale Clothing

Kaktüs Moda, which is also active in the wholesale clothing sectors in Mahmutbey, draws attention with its quality products and strong service understanding.

Istanbul Wholesale Clothing

Operating in the wholesale clothing sectors in Istanbul Merter, Kaktüs Modahas also gained the appreciation of its customers by gaining an important place in the wholesale areas of Marmara.

You can visit our website and follow our social media accounts to get more information about Kaktüs Moda and to examine our products. Kaktüs Moda is in a leading position in the sector by offering fashion and quality together.

Kaktüs Moda & Safety

Our company, which solves the security problem in wholesale shopping, definitely works by asking the customer to feel comfortable and safe when shopping on our website. The confidentiality of all your purchases on our website is protected. Thanks to our SSL certificate, which is supported by encryption, which is activated before you start shopping, you can shop securely online and make secure payments with the 3D Secure Security System for credit card payments. In addition, all your credit card information takes place through the special encryption screen that your bank and you use in common. Kaktüs Moda can never see your credit card information and never reach this information. Thus, you can safely browse our website. For other inquiries, you can go to our page where we answer frequently asked questions; You can take a look at our working methods and other operational plans. Enjoy the most reliable address of wholesale shopping!

Cancellation & Refund

All products on our website and in our company are sold in accordance with the Turkish Commercial Code No. 6102. In case of sale of a defective product, our company will be deemed to have accepted the products as defective in accordance with the law. In addition, buyers and sellers are obliged to act in accordance with the provisions of the Tax Procedure Law No. 213 and the relevant legislation during product return. You can read our entire return policy on our Returns & Cancellation Policy page.

Kaktüs Moda & Social Media

As Kaktüs Moda, we are pleased to be in constant contact with our customers. You can always contact us about our website or your shopping. Addresses where you can reach us for your needs such as comments, suggestions and requests;

WhatsApp : +905322051239

Customer Service: +902124813692

Email :

Store Address: Mehmet Nezihi Özmen Mahallesi Shadowli Street Number 4 Merter, 34169 Istanbul / Turkey

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